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8th Grade EOY Celebration Day

Posted Date: 5/16/24 (12:44 PM)

Dear Parents,

On Friday, May 24th, the 8th grade class will go to the Montrose Rec Center for the day for an end of year celebration; a huge thank you to the parents that organized this trip! 

We will leave first thing in the morning and return in time for kids who need to catch the bus. Please be aware there are several areas of construction between here and there. We will do our best to be here by bus time but sometimes situations do arise. 

We will be having the students leave ALL CELL PHONES locked in the cell phone lockers here at the school. This is the safest option for all the devices and will allow the students to really connect and enjoy the day together.  Any devices that make it to the trip will be held in a safe spot until we return to the school in the afternoon. Please communicate this to your students prior to the trip. All school rules still apply to a field trip. Any inappropriate actions will result in removal from all activity, phone call to parents, and appropriate consequences from the school.

 The rec center offers a variety of activities including basketball, pickleball, rock climbing, volleyball, swimming, etc. Please send your child with clothes and shoes that are appropriate for any/all activities. They will need a towel. Right now the weather looks really good, but stay prepared!

Lunch will be provided from Qdoba and Crumble Cookies to boot!   If kids want to access the vending machines for extra snacks they can bring cash. The machines do not accept cards. Otherwise, please send a water bottle along.

Many thanks for a great year with your kids!

8th Grade Staff