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English Language Development (ELD)

English Language Development (ELD)

In alignment with Colorado's standards, Telluride Schools offers an English Language Development (ELD) Program to support Multilingual Learners (ML) in becoming bilingual and bi-literate or multilingual and multiliterate.

Program Highlights: 

  • Alignment with Colorado's English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards: Our curriculum acknowledges students’ first languages and cultures as strengths and provides a clear pathway to literacy and proficiency in multiple languages.

  • Individualized Support: Assessments guide personalized instruction, targeting specific language skills. 

  • Integrated Learning: ELD instruction complements other subject areas, promoting a unified educational experience. 

  • Family Engagement: We work closely with families to support students' language development. 

Key Components: 

  • Assessments: We follow Colorado's guidelines for regular proficiency assessments. 

  • Individualized Plans: Tailored plans address students' unique language needs. 

  • Teacher Training: Our staff is trained to support diverse learners effectively. 

  • Collaboration and Transition Support: We foster collaboration between ELD specialists and mainstream teachers and support students as they move into mainstream classes. 


Telluride Schools' ELD Program celebrates language as a bridge to success and community connection, reflecting Colorado's commitment to linguistic and academic growth.  

Visit the Colorado Department of Education for more information!