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District Assessment Coordinator

District Assessment Coordinator

The District Assessment Coordinator at Telluride School District is pivotal in guiding our educational direction. Responsible for overseeing and managing all district assessments, the Coordinator ensures that testing aligns with state and federal mandates and reflects our ongoing commitment to academic excellence. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Coordinating District Assessments: Creating and managing the assessment calendar, liaising with Building Principals, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. 

  • Analyzing Assessment Data: Interpreting test results to identify trends and areas for improvement, aiding in developing targeted instructional strategies. 

  • Engaging with Parents and Community: Serving as a resource for parents and community members, offering insights into assessment practices, and ensuring transparency in the process. 

Contact Information 

Please direct any specific questions about our testing calendar and assessments to Bria Collins, District Assessment Coordinator

At Telluride School District, we believe in the power of assessment to shape the learning that resonates with each student. Our District Assessment Coordinator is essential in realizing this vision, partnering with educators, parents, and community members to create a nurturing environment for all students.