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READ Act & Literacy

READ Act & Literacy


Colorado READ Act / Colorado READ


In 2012, the Colorado Legislature enacted the Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act, or Colorado READ Act, with a clear goal: to ensure that children across the state are reading at grade level by the time they enter fourth grade. 

The READ Act is more than just a legislative act; it's a philosophy, a structure, and a set of resources to bolster early literacy. With various updates, the Act has continuously evolved to enhance reading outcomes in Colorado. 

At Telluride School, we are deeply committed to the principles and practices of the Colorado READ Act, infusing its innovative strategies into our curriculum to foster reading skills from the earliest stages. 

Focused on prevention rather than correction, the Colorado READ Act emphasizes: 

  • Early Literacy Programs: Innovative strategies to spark interest and capability in reading from the earliest stages. 

  • Resources for Teachers and Students: Tools and materials for effective reading instruction. 

  • Early Screening: Prompt identification of reading difficulties to allow for early intervention. 

  • Individualized READ Plans: Tailored support to cater to the unique needs of each student. 

By emphasizing the importance of early reading skills and providing the means to achieve them, the Colorado READ Act empowers the next generation with the essential foundation for academic success. At Telluride School, we fully support this empowering initiative and strive daily to bring its goals to life within our classrooms. 


Contact Information

Emily Bordogna, TSD Literacy Specialist