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Congratulations Class of 2017!


Here is the link for the live-stream of graduation:

Philanthropy Club

The Telluride High School Philanthropy Club Students are conducting their spring grant cycle.  The students will grant in the areas of Education & Environment.   Students are working hard to raise $2000 to grant locally.  Please see the Philanthropy Club page for more information.  

2017-2018 High School Registration

Congratulations to our
Battle of the Books Teams!

TIS Team (grades 3 - 5) won 1st place
at the Regional Competition
and Grades 6 - 8 placed 2nd!


Dear TSD Parents:

Over the holidays one of our students, Miriam (9th grade) was diagnosed with Leukemia and flown to Children’s Hospital in Denver to start chemotherapy.  Her mother, Marta is with her and her two brothers, Luis THS graduate, and Daniel THS sophomore are currently in Telluride working to make money to cover medial and basic living expenses. The sole financial responsibility is falling on Luis. We have assisted the family in setting up a fundraising campaign to not only cover the high medical costs but every day living expenses (rent, food, utilities, etc). 

Many people have asked how can the help this long time local Telluride family. There are a couple options:

-Donate here to help cover expenses: https://www.youcaring.com/tabaresfamily-726879

-Donate a Walmart or Clarks gift card, you can drop off at the school.

Ursula Cristol, TSD cultural liaison, will help the family set a budget and ensure that they money and gift cards are used appropriately. 

Thank you so much for your assistance, if you have any questions feel
free to contact Ursula Cristol, TSD cultural liason (ucristol@telluride.k12.co.us)
or Sara Kimble.

Sara Kimble/TMHS Principal

Click the link below to view the TSD Assessment Calendar
 Telluride School District Assessment Calendar.docx


TMHS is excited to be introducing the AVID program. 
For more information contact Sara Kimble skimble@telluride.k12.co.us

For more information about AVID go to www.avid.org



Demonstrating its commitment to environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility, the Telluride School District (TSD) is harnessing the power of the sun with locally made renewable energy. The TSD Board of Education approved the purchase of a substantial capacity of solar energy in the San Miguel Community Solar Array, a community-shared solar facility located about 50 miles west in sunny Naturita, Colorado.  According to Board President Paul Reich, “

The District is excited that 100% of the electrical demands of the new addition, and a substantial portion of the demands in our existing facilities,will be met through renewable energy.  This is a real step forward to realizing our desire, as a District, to be forward thinking, and a responsible steward of the environment.”

An on-site system was deemed impractical given the district’s limited roof space and the restricted sun exposure of Telluride’s mountainous terrain. The community solar purchase, however, circumvented these barriers and met TSD’s strict budgetary requirements. According to Board Member Melissa Plantz, “The District’s use of solar power provides teachers at each school with a unique opportunity to teach concepts in science and technology and pique student interest in these important subjects."

“All of our efforts, including this one, are focused on helping safeguard a clean,prosperous future for Telluride families,” said Cheryl Miller, Vice President of the Telluride School District. “By using locally-made clean energy, the District can serve as a model of good stewardship to our students and perhaps other districts.”  The district has been working with SMPA and the Clean Energy Collective to make this project a reality for the Telluride School District.

Carson BHow can I learn if school is closed or about other regional emergencies when I can't check the internet?

It is a rare event when Telluride School District closes down for snow or any emergency.  While we do everything possible to immediately update the website, and we send out emails and post to Telluride Sweet Deals, there are people who may not have email or cell phone access to check the internet during power outages, etc. We encourage our parents and students to sign up for San Miguel County Notification System-Code Red.  This system can send text alerts, emails, and voice call any numbers or emails you put in the system.  Not only will it alert you to school closings, but also road closures, weather related events, etc.  We  STRONGLY encourage everyone to sign up for this notification system at http://www.sanmiguelcounty.org/.  Click on the link marked Code Red and follow the instructions.  It is fast, easy and will keep you informed with multiple communication methods in a variety of circumstances.  Sign up and stay informed. 


THS Selected for 4th Annual AP Honor Roll



The College Board is announcing the 4th Annual AP District Honor Roll — a list of 477 districts across the U.S. and Canada being honored for increasing access to AP® course work while simultaneously maintaining or increasing the percentage of students earning scores of 3 or higher on AP Exams. Reaching these goals indicates that these districts are successfully identifying motivated, academically prepared students who are likely to benefit from rigorous AP course work.

Read more about the AP Honor Roll by clicking the icon.

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