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   Dec 19 2017 at 03:30 PM
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   Jan 23 2018 at 03:15 PM
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December 5, 2017

Dear Parents,

Principal Kimble and I have met with students and parents of the group who were questioned by law enforcement and have expressed to them the greater concern of the community.  I continue to believe we have a chance to define what we want for our school community moving forward.  It is the job as a school district to uphold state and local statute and weave in our community values to form a culture for our schools.

I will remind us, as we move forward, our work is continual and may never be complete.  There will be different levels of comfort, opinions and trust in our community systems, and only our efforts over time and ongoing dialogue will get us to a better place in each of those areas.  Over the next week we will be officially transitioning our Board.  Once the new Board is seated we will immediately pick up the conversation in a debriefing of the threat with the new Board in an official capacity.  That meeting will be held in the The Bob Saunders Theater (The Bob = TSD Black Box Theater) on Wednesday December 13th starting at 2:00.  Our board is committed to using this issue and the feedback from it to begin their work moving forward.

While we at TSD work with students and support families as a school community, we need a larger base of support if we really are going to make a difference.  Our new Board members share the vision of supporting programs that focus not only on the academics but also the social-emotional well-being of our students.   I am confident we will be engaging a school community willing to come to the table not only with critique, but with viable strategies and solutions.  I heard the following comment this weekend, “It is hard to change the world, if we don’t change our own minds sometimes.”

As I have shared with many of you, we are public education.   We, by statute, but mostly with heart, welcome students to our system.  We are a melting pot of values, ethnicities, abilities and beliefs.  We work hard to value and program for every student and his/her goals.  That said, the system is not or does not have to be confined to the walls of a campus.  Before the events of the last week, superintendents in our region began a dialogue of looking at alternative environments to meet the learning styles, career goals, social emotional needs, and flexibility of our students.  We are seeing a need to accommodate a wider range of needs from students ranging from traditional students to those who work to support themselves because they are homeless.  Rising to the top of the list is the emotional health of our students as the world seemingly gets tougher every day.

I believe we are on the threshold, if we choose to engage, of a community conversation that can honor our community legacy and traditions while not being bound to the way we have always done it.

In closing, as I shared with students this last week, I do this work in Telluride, Colorado because I love education and being able to develop relationships with them that matter.  I would broaden that to include a community that matters as well!  Thank you for all the feedback, hard questions, and honesty through the last week.

Honored every day to be the Superintendent of Telluride Schools,

Mike Gass

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Congrats to Soleil Gaylord, she has become one of 10
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Congratulations to our November Students of the month!!!
Quinn Carlson (MS)  and
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Carson BHow can I learn if school is closed or about other regional emergencies when I can't check the internet?

It is a rare event when Telluride School District closes down for snow or any emergency.  While we do everything possible to immediately update the website, and we send out emails and post to Telluride Sweet Deals, there are people who may not have email or cell phone access to check the internet during power outages, etc. We encourage our parents and students to sign up for San Miguel County Notification System-Code Red.  This system can send text alerts, emails, and voice call any numbers or emails you put in the system.  Not only will it alert you to school closings, but also road closures, weather related events, etc.  We  STRONGLY encourage everyone to sign up for this notification system at http://www.sanmiguelcounty.org/.  Click on the link marked Code Red and follow the instructions.  It is fast, easy and will keep you informed with multiple communication methods in a variety of circumstances.  Sign up and stay informed.