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October 17, 2020 (versión en español)

Dear Telluride School District Families,
It is two weeks since my last communication, as I needed to travel to Connecticut for a family matter last weekend. I will attempt to provide a concise summary below on new and old events:

• Telluride Compassion Campaign: Please see the article in the Telluride Daily Planet ( for a description of the incredible effort coordinated by the Telluride Education Foundation to support our schools…Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!
• Travel Quarantine Requirement and TSD COVID Matrix: The BOE has approved changes to our matrix, and we are working to get the changes posted on our website. The biggest change ties the travel quarantine requirement to our phase of operation in our matrix. In our current learning phase (Yellow), as well as in the Orange phase, a Travel Quarantine is not required, but is recommended, and should be considered particularly if your travel involved any of the following:
     -If you traveled to a location that is a known hot spot
     -If you did not follow the Five Commitments and other safety protocols, or were in close contact with others who did not follow safety protocols
     -If you traveled by air on a crowded plane, and/or through airports in known hotspots
     -If you were in close contact with a person known to be positive or tested positive for COVID-19 during or shortly after your travels
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Christine Tschinkel, School Nurse, or John Pandolfo, Superintendent.
• SMART is seeking input from regional families to help them understand ridership trends in relation to school operating phases. SMART is currently adhering to COVID-19 Public Health protocols and maintaining 6 foot distancing. As a result, their bus capacity is significantly limiting how many people can safely ride a bus at a given time. In an effort to understand ridership needs and allocate resources efficiently and effectively, SMART thanks you for completing this short survey. Anticipated completion time is 4 minutes.

San Miguel County’s 14-day Positivity Rate is now at 2.1%, and the 14-day Incidence Rate is now at 110.1 per 100,000 people. The CO state Ro is at 1.13. While we remain in our current Yellow Phase of learning, we will continue to monitor these metrics to see if their recent increase indicates a trend. In addition, the COVID Task Force and BOE will consider whether Ro is a metric we should continue to use; it is not a local number, but a state average, and recent information indicates it may not be as useful as we once thought. To see the Positivity Rate and Incidence Rate on the newly revised Sam Miguel County Dashboard, go to:
To See Ro, go to:

Please see the chart below for a summary of our TSD staff COVID testing:

Testing Round

#of test results reported

# of positive results

Baseline (8/19-8/20)



Round 1 (8/31-9/11)



Round 2 (9/14-9/25)



Round 3 (9/28-10/9)



Round 4 (10/12-10/23)

76 so far


As we move further into Fall, and along with it strep and flu season, I ask again for everyone’s support in keeping our community safe. The number of students and staff out of school with COVID-like symptoms is on the increase, and makes operation of our schools increasingly challenging. Many school districts around the state and nation have had significant disruptions with quarantines based on positive cases. Our good fortune up to this point (knock on wood) is a result of the collective effort of our staff and community. Please help us by doing your part in the days and weeks ahead.

Thank you,  

John Pandolfo

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John Pandolfo, Superintendent 

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